Rural Mental Health


What is it about?

 The Rural Mental Health project is to redress the imbalance and inequality between mental health care provision in rural areas in comparison to urban ones. The project will also help to improve awareness and prevention of serious mental health issue occurrences, improve the health care and reduce the suicide rate in rural areas across Europe. 


How will we achieve our goals?

The project will develop a number of educational materials such as  training modules on basic care provisions, educational videos on what mental health is and how to understand it, and a self-checklist which will help individuals better understand the status of their mental health


Why is it important?

Mental health in rural areas is not understood or accepted as openly as it is in urban areas. As such, the basic care provisions for mental health in rural areas are severely lacking and require numerous improvements. Rural Mental Health aims to help the rural population better understand mental health and ultimately, improve the mental health level of rural areas.

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