What is it?

 FOOD-AWARE aims to teach children about food waste, the importance and value of our resources and how to reduce waste by developing educational materials which will help teach children the ins and outs of sustainability and the circular economy.


How will we achieve our goals?

We will deliver educational materials in the form of training modules for teachers, interactive comics and activities, educational posters, and an animated video. These materials will cover all the essential information necessary whilst simultaneously ensuring that it is conveyed in a manner appropriate for the age of the target group. 


Why is it important?

Food waste has become an increasingly problematic trend as it negatively impacts our environment, our resources and our future. One third of food produced in the world is wasted every year, thus wasting the resources used to produce it such as water, soil, and energy. Food waste also has a very high carbon footprint which further accelerates climate change. FOOD-AWARE was developed to tackle these issues and reduce foot waste by targeting the generations who will be in charge of the future and instilling them with environment-friendly ideals.

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