About Us

A closer look into PROPEL

 PROPEL Europe is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering Europeans to shape a better future for themselves, the environment they live in, their local economies, their fellow Europeans and their fellow citizens of the world. PROPEL aims to do this by providing information, education and training and carrying out promotional activities designed to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among Europeans of all ages across different areas, mostly related to food, agriculture, environment, sustainability, circular economy and innovative tech.

PROPEL Europe provides education and training in the subjects of: starting a business, accessing funding, engaging in agri-business opportunities, how the environment interacts with food production, circular economy, carbon change mitigation, the re-use of raw materials, etc. PROPEL also has specific expertise in the area of sustainable agriculture, land mobility, soil health and farm succession and is dedicated to increasing the number of young farmers in the European farming population and ensuring access to land and credit is available to young, ambitious, would-be entrepreneurs so as to keep the world’s leading farming sector in terms of quality and sustainability standards alive and well.